Monday, 2 February 2015

New EAs introduced in service at 3% Drawdown 500% return?


Following the successful synergy program which was released exclusively to's users, they have done it yet again and released something potentially very valuable at no charge. Ploutos Assets Limited which owns has been known to discount sometimes to the point of giving free services to ensure satisfaction. This added feature or trading paradigm is soon to be added as an extra to the 9 or so trading paradigms already in service. The company researches, creates and hosts these algorithmic systems and allows clients to use them at their own risk or reward.

The sole programmer and CEO of Ploutos Assets Limited, Roger De Souza Eremita says it is currently in optimisation and testing for a broad range of pairs and scenarios.

Testing includes checking performance during catastrophic events such as on the pair EurChf during the beginning of 2015 where the move was so shocking and unpresidented that big brokers such as Alpari UK had to shut down.

The new Zerebubus MK II is scheduled for release soon....

For more information about their Synergy program you can visit the website where you can find out how in circumstances they can offset partial losses with income regardless of result.

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