Monday, 29 July 2013

Coding EA's and INDICATORS for FREE for our clients!

This is big news! We are now taking on the VERY TIRING, TIME TAKING AND DIFFICULT TASK of programming an EA or INDICATOR to trade for clients, or give them SIGNALS based on their strategy for FREE! Yes you will be hiring a programmer without hiring anybody!

All you have to do is go here for instructions on how to format the description of your strategy so that we can CODE IT, TEST IT, and deliver it back to you for FREE.

Enquire to know more, add us on Skype (PloutosAssets), Email at


Recent Trading Success Stories

We have facilitated people MAKING MONEY, FOR FREE, That is a FACT.

It is no surprise that when we perform well we want to show it off! However, many people do not want their personal screenshots uploaded and so we have to respect that. Every now and then however is a person willing to share their recent successes if they were impressive or even if they were not that impressive, they have opted in to share their results just the same.

These posts will only include from now on real members and their performances based strictly on the help given by being a Ploutos Assets member or results since joining. If you would like to join and consider making money from Binary Options trading you can get started here: (Don't forget to add us on Skype (PLOUTOSASSETS) is our ID, we talk to you daily and are very friendly).