Sunday, 8 May 2016

Ganzfeld Effect App

NEWS: The smartphone app that can make you hallucinate!
Ganzfeld Effect Machine App for Android

So much fun hallucinating with Friends!

Make your bedtimes Fun and Exciting by inducing hallucinations scientifically with the one and only Ganzfeld Effect App.

Official Ganzfeld Android App.The Ganzfeld Experiment showed that through sensory deprivation, using certain colours and using whats called White Noise in earphones a person can experience drug like hallucinations, hear actual sounds and see things which are not there after 15 to 30 minutes. Perfect for increased creativity, calming yourself down from stress or needing to brainstorm that paper, assignment or business plan. 

The App itself was designed to provide a personal user experience in which the Ganzfeld Effect could be applied safely to achieve a range of sensory deprivation and hallucinatory effects solo or with friends. It can be used to create a dream like state with your smartphone. This has been well documented and lots of users enjoy this app for their own use, we do not collect or even ask for any information within the App. 

and share your amazing experience with friends and family.

You can visit the website and download the APP here: