Sunday, 14 February 2016

5 things a broker does not want you to know.

Why can't you trust so many brokers or trading systems out there?
I was asked this question by someone interested in trading. This is what I told them.
The dilemna you mention is precisely the founding motivation for Ploutos Assets, which then later added to assist with auto trading.
Lets get the normally "never mentioned" facts out of the way.
Here are 5 things a broker/company will not tell you before you invest. Im going to tell you this so you dont have to waste thousands learning it like every other poor chap i meet.
1. You should be able to invest however much you want.
Sure investing below $1000 or even at $1000 will leave you with less margin, that is true for many trading setups, however you should not be pressured into trading more than your means yet this is a tactic used by traders and brokers alike to entice you to trade more. They will usually do this if they have intel that you have money and can trade more, just be firm on what you want and they should concede quickly, if not then question the authenticity of such a firm.
2. Your investment is NOT safe with a bonus.
I have seen it all where it comes to brokers, and have spent countless hours helping people get their money from brokers that wouldn't give it back using bonuses which lock the account until volume is traded, by that time the account is probably gone.
3. 98% of Traders actually lose money long term.
98% of traders fail long term. So nearly all brokers use what is called a B-Book model, this means no matter what they say, they only make money if you are not making profit, the loss goes direct to them not the market. So you can be sure they do not want you to make money. There are Abook models where the broker earns on commissions and spread rather than loss, but these are usually open to big investors and if you have a profitable strategy, most brokers will never Abook a normal guy who asks.
4. You can trade with the broker rather than against them.
We only use A-Book models available via this link should you need it. Normally they also do B-book too, they A-book us and people we refer because we have a lot of funds with them and are profitable, so they do not want to lose money going against us. They are FCA regulated and so are trustworthy.
5. You can always go above the broker to their regulator if you think they are working unfairly against you.
This is yet another reason to only work with regulated brokers. We recommend:
GKFX Financial Services Broker (since we have worked with them for some time).
Feel free to do some digging to confirm this, now not everything is roses. Let me explain:
So in trading which should be obvious but not always is, is that nothing is guaranteed and there is always a risk of loss. The risk of loss is precisely why there is probability of gain, if someone could predict 100% of the time what the market would do they would be billionaires in a few days, and use that money to run the world......
Ofcourse thats just not possible.
If you click and then go to live results you can see examples of our automated trading. You can watch your account live while it is trading and see how trades are taken.
However, if even if you wish to do your own trading, like i said, if you want an Abook real market you can use our link.
and benefit from our STP access with peace of mind that infact overall the broker would want you to be profitable as they make money from the spread and trading rather than loss.
I wish you the best and if theres any parting opinions I can give, having honestly seen it all, it's that you should not be afraid to ask direct akward questions and only invest money you can afford to lose, that way your loss or profit is limited to an amount you can deal with.
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